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Shanahan Plan Fundamentals

  • Lose weight

  • Build muscle

  • Increase energy

  • Improve mental acuity 

  • Improve mood 

  • Improve lab results 

  • Stop nagging symptoms

  • Feel, look, and perform your best!


Terry Shanahan is a functional nutrition and performance consultant, and online diet and performance coach. His client list includes business owners and executives, world champions, NBA All-Stars, PGA Tour Professionals, NFL stars, and Olympic medalists. Terry also helps everyday people who are suffering from chronic health issues including autoimmune, endocrine, inflammatory, and digestive disorders, as well as those who simply want to lose weight fast, or improve their quality of life, health, and physical appearance.  

As a life-long sufferer of chronic illness, fatigue, and inflammation, Shanahan spent more than a decade in and out of doctor’s offices, visiting specialists around the country seeking the answer to why a seemingly “fit and healthy” individual should be so unwell.

Frustrated, Shanahan took his health into his own hands, devoting his time to studying diet, natural medicine, functional medicine lab testing, and supplementation – and experienced amazing results in a short period of time. Inspired by his experiences overcoming his own personal health struggles, Shanahan has devoted his life to helping individuals who want to be helped and who are willing to make positive changes in their lives.

The Optimal Entrepreneur's Blueprint:

Your EXACT guide to weightloss, optimal mental performance, emotional stability, and reversing bad lab results!








“Terry is the man!  He is my #1 most trusted resource for all things related to nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle in order to improve performance and recovery.  His advice has made a huge difference for me, has improved my recovery, my joints feel better, and I have been able to add some good weight and do things the right way.  Most young athletes completely overlook the power of nutrition, and I wish I would have had access to Terry even sooner in my career.  I highly recommend working with him!”

- Doug McDermott

Dallas Mavericks 

NCAA National Player of the Year 2014

3 X NCAA First Team All-American

NCAA Scoring Champion 2014

5th Place in NCAA Scoring History

Big East Player of the Year

2 X MVC Player of the Year

“Terry eats the healthiest diet that I have ever seen, and he truly lives everything that he preaches every single day. He has created healthy recipes that taste great, and never get old. My joints have never felt better at the end of a season. My recovery has drastically improved and my daily knee pain is nearly gone! I would strongly recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve their health or athletic performance.” 

- Kyle Korver

Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA All-Star

Highest Single Season 3pt. % in NBA History

Most Consecutive Games With a 3pt. FG Made in NBA History

"I have constantly fought my weight since I started my business at the age of 23, and before I knew it, I ballooned up to 318 lbs. I needed to make a drastic change, so I called Terry. In the very first month I dropped 25 lbs., my daily cravings went away, and my energy drastically improved. I decided to treat my health and wellness just like I do any problem in my business. I found an expert, I invested the money, and I achieved exceptional results! It has been worth every penny. Terry has absolutely changed my



- Frank Klesitz

CEO, Vyral Marketing

Inc. 5000 CEO

"I was down over 20 pounds in the first 45 days and 55 pounds in the first 120 days! My sugar and carb cravings are completely gone!  My energy and clarity have never been better.  I have tried so many different programs to lose weight, but this is a lifestyle that I can follow forever. I feel amazing!"  
- Jeff Cohn  
CEO of Omaha'e Elite Real Estate Group &  
Elite Real Estate Systems  
#1 Team in Nebraska  
Top 10 Realtor Nationwide  

800 Homes Sold in 2017 

"I lost 32 pounds in the first 90 days when I originally started working with Terry.  I was very happy with the weight loss and body composition improvements, but my improved mental clarity and emotional stability have been even more life changing. I have been able to operate much better, under high amounts of stress, and this has been substantial for my business and my overall life.  I highly recommend Terry’s program to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to improve their performance and quality of life!”


- Byron McFarland

Owner, The McFarland Group 

Omaha, NE 

“In the first two weeks of following Terry’s program I was down 13 pounds and felt amazing!  I lost all the puffiness and inflammation in my face and started to look and feel so much younger.  I lost 35 lbs. in the first three months and I have now kept it off for three years.  I travel, eat out at restaurants, and still enjoy my favorite drinks.  However, Terry has taught me the guidelines and framework to follow in order to maintain my health and wellness goals and still enjoy my life.  My mental clarity, focus, and productivity is at an all-time high!”


- John Uhrich

CEO, Box Office Ticket Sales 

South Beach, FL

"You are going to love how great you feel following Terry’s program! I have been struggling with nagging symptoms and numerous health issues for years.  I no longer have profound fatigue, my hormonal migraines are gone, and I've discovered I can't tolerate dairy. As much as I loved bread, giving up gluten was a breeze because I felt so much better in just a few days. I had been cheating with dairy for months and I felt miserable...tired, bloated, gaining weight, joint pain, etc. Once I fully committed to this, I felt amazing in a very short amount of time and the weight began to come off as well!  I am working out way less and I am leaner than I have been in years!"


- Heather Ray

Owner, Christian Nobel Furs 

Omaha, NE

“After playing in the NFL I thought I had everything figured out. It wasn’t until I met Terry that I realized that most of what I thought I knew about nutrition was completely backwards! After trying “His Way” for three full months I am stronger and more explosive than I have ever been. Terry has helped me out tremendously and I recommend his services to anybody wishing to improve performance, recovery, and overall health.”

- John Madsen
NFL Veteran, Oakland Raiders
Owner, John Madsen Performance

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