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Your success is my #1 priority!

Do you have a list of questions that you want to ask me? Let’s schedule a call and you can ask me questions, pick my brain, and get feedback on anything that you would like to discuss.  


This coaching option comes with 60 minutes of my undivided attention and expertise to discuss your personal situation.


Please note that there is no pre-work questionnaire or follow-up support included in this service.  This does not include any email or text message support after the consultation, but I will brain dump all of the information that you need to get results and make progress.  

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Personalized Performance Audit 

A one-on-one personalized coaching session to audit your current overall lifestyle with respect to nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle choices. This coaching option will offer you a big picture overview of exactly what to do, and share a very specific plan with you.  You will also be given all of the documents and resources to implement and execute your plan. 


There will be one follow-up coaching session (within 30 days of your initial session) to touch base and make adjustments, and seven days of email support following your initial consultation.  This plan is ideal for the client who wants an exact plan, but does not need much ongoing coaching and accountability.   

  • I will personally review your New Client Questionnaire in detail prior to our consultation 


  • I will do pre-consultation research based on your personal situation and specific goals  


  • We will have a private 75 minute phone consultation to discuss my recommendations, answer your questions, and give you detailed coaching on what to implement  


  • A very detailed and customized written report will be delivered by email with an overview of recommendations and specific changes to be made for you to reach your goals 


  • One 30-minute follow-up phone consultation to make adjustments and track progress 


  • The detailed written overview will include exact nutrition guidelines, meal options, sample recipes, and much more


  • I will include lifestyle recommendations with appropriate resources to get started 


  • Exact supplement recommendations, and my top brand suggestions, along with discounts on certain products 

  • The written overview will share my best practices and overall recommendations with respect to nutrition, movement, gut health, hormones, sleep, stress, toxicity, and other lifestyle factors that are important for you to address in order to reach your goals.  

  • Video lessons, documents, and resource guides to help you implement my suggestions 

  • Seven days of personalized email support following our initial coaching session 



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“After playing in the NFL I thought I had everything figured out. It wasn’t until I met Terry that I realized that most of what I thought I knew about nutrition was completely backwards! After trying “His Way” for three full months I am stronger and more explosive than I have ever been. Terry has helped me out tremendously and I recommend his services to anybody wishing to improve performance, recovery, and overall health.”

- John Madsen
NFL Veteran, Oakland Raiders
Owner, John Madsen Performance

This coaching package includes a Personalized Performance Audit, access to my online coaching program The Paleo Transition, three follow-up consultations to further address (and help you implement) important factors beyond nutrition, and unlimited email support for 30 days. 


These private sessions will further address hormonal function, gut health, sleep, stress, and other more advanced lifestyle factors to help you reach your goals and achieve the results that you deserve!  ​

Advanced Personal Coaching
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  • Personalized Performance Audit- detailed above 



  • Three private 60 minute follow-up phone consultations  


  • Two additional 3-Day Sample Meal Plans with recipes and shopping lists  


  • Advanced coaching on additional lifestyle factors beyond nutrition  


  • You may submit detailed weekly meal journals and receive exact feedback on the tweaks and changes needed to help you achieve your goals 


  • I will offer general suggestions on blood lab-work to request from your Physician  

  • You will receive access to advanced nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocols that are needed to address specific goals that go beyond general weight loss and wellness.  


  • You will receive 30 days of continuous personalized email support following our initial coaching session to offer additional support between coaching calls.  

"My approach is very likely different than anything that you have ever been exposed to! I take a holistic, functional, and preventative approach that helps you get to the root cause of anything that may be hindering optimal performance, body composition, and wellness."

-Terry Shanahan

The Exclusive Coaching Experience


This very exclusive coaching package is offered to individuals who want immediate implementation, and top of the line coaching and accountability, in order to take massive action and change your life in the next 30 days. 


This package includes a Personalized Performance Audit, The Paleo Transition Online Coaching Program, my ongoing one-on-one help with implementation and execution of diet and lifestyle changes with weekly coaching calls, and daily access to me through text message support!  


  • Personalized Performance Audit- detailed above 


  • 90 Minutes and greater detail  



  • Advanced written overview with more detail and additional lifestyle factors beyond nutrition 


  • Fully address wellness principles and lifestyle factors 


  • Nutrition, Movement, Gut Health, Hormones, Toxicity, Sleep, Stress, Emotional, etc.  


  • Sample Meals & Recipes- Three 3-Day Sample Meal Plans with recipes and shopping lists  


  • Grocery Shopping, Meal Delivery, and In-Home Meal Preparation Coaching will also be an important part of this package to eliminate meal preparation confusion. 


  • We will cover strategies for a busy lifestyle and travel to eliminate any slip-ups as you go about your normal super busy life.  


  • Four weekly follow-up 60 minute coaching calls by phone to keep you on track and help you implement the exact plan to reach your goals  


  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing Overview- I will put together a detailed list of suggested lab tests for you to request from your Physician 


  • I will offer feedback and suggestions on any current lab-work that you have already had completed, and share my thoughts on new lab-work that you have completed

  • If you do not currently have access to a Functional Medicine Doctor, I will help you find one in your area.  


  • You will receive Unlimited Text Message Support for 30 days following our initial consultation. 


  • This will be crucial for accountability, daily meal review, and complete immersion into your new lifestyle.  


  • Personalized Success Documents will be emailed or downloaded as needed during our coaching sessions 


  • This package also includes all advanced and customized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle protocols to be implemented based on your personal needs and what we discuss in our consultations.   


  • Monthly Customized Supplement Delivery by mail to your home.  


  • Coaching on advanced tools, products, and lifestyle hacks to achieve optimal results- including blood sugar monitoring, blood ketone monitoring, massage recovery tools, and much more. 

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The One Week Shanahan Plan Retreat will be a week-long immersion program in a beautiful remote location.  You will literally get to live with Terry Shanahan for a week and implement all of the diet, lifestyle, supplementation, and workout practices side by side with Terry.  This exclusive event will be limited to six individuals.  More information coming soon!  

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