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For the FIRST TIME EVER get full access to the coaching that NBA All-Stars, Olympic Medalists, and Celebrities are raving about and paying thousands of dollars for!

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“Terry is the man!  He is my #1 most trusted resource for all things related to nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle in order to improve performance and recovery.  His advice has made a huge difference for me, has improved my recovery, my joints feel better, and I have been able to add some good weight and do things the right way.  Most young athletes completely overlook the power of nutrition, and I wish I would have had access to Terry even sooner in my career.  I highly recommend working with him!”

- Doug McDermott

Dallas Mavericks

NCAA National Player of the Year 2014

3 X NCAA First Team All-American

NCAA Scoring Champion 2014

5th Place in NCAA Scoring History

Big East Player of the Year

2 X MVC Player of the Year

  • Learn how you can actually eat more food, never count calories again, and lose weight faster! 

  • Drastically improve your mood, have more mental clarity, and better focus! 

  • Increase and stabilize your energy throughout the day and avoid afternoon crashes! 

  • Learn simple, yet counterintuitive, lifestyle changes to get the body of your dreams and the energy you have always wanted, while NEVER dieting again! 

  • Become aware of the crucial blocking factors that have nothing to do with diet and exercise, but have completely halted your results in the past!  

  • Drastically improve your performance in the gym, recover faster than ever before, and gain more lean muscle with less effort!  

The Get Real Challenge combines all of Terry Shanahan’s best practices, secrets, resources, and tools! This very EXCLUSIVE offer includes the following:  


  • six week online challenge weight loss and wellness contest with prizes  


  • The Paleo Transition Online Coaching Program- this is Terry Shanahan's top selling online coaching program that will lay the groundwork for your success, teach you about real food, gut health, hormones, and completely shift your paradigm on what you think you know about nutrition and lifestyle practices.  





  • The Paleo Transition is a digital online membership program that you will receive immediate access to and it includes the following: 

  • 25 comprehensive video presentation modules

  • 239 Power Point Slides packed with life changing information 

  • Over 75 pages of PDF downloadable documents, guides, and checklists 

  • 10 amazing bonus video presentations 

  • Including a bonus video course with US Recod Holder and North American Kettlebell Sport Champion Bill Esch 

  • You will receive immediate access to our private Facebook community for 24/7 support, daily coaching, tips, recipes, resources, and accountability  


  • There will be weekly live online group coaching sessions with Terry Shanahan to review your Diet Journals, answer your questions, and maximize your results!  


  • Weekly guest expert presentations from top industry experts such as Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness and Christa Orecchio from The Whole Journey.  

Sean Croxton 
Founder of Underground Wellness 
Author of The Dark Side of Fast Loss 
World Famous Wellness Celebrity 
Christa Orecchio 
Holistic and Clinical Nutritionist  
Author and TV Personality  
World Famous Wellness Celebrity


    Thorough Education


  • You need to completely unlearn all of the misinformation and lies that has been repeated and taught by traditional medicine, the FDA, and the media. 

  • Once you learn the truth and know why you are doing what you are doing, your confidence and belief will grow and you will stay on track! 

  • Education I crucial to set you up for long-term success and allow you to succeed in all situations whether you are in a hurry, at home, at work, traveling, or in social situations.  

  • It is not about following a robotic meal plan, it is about knowing how to make the right diet and lifestyle choices in any situation.  


      Amazing Community


  • You will have 24/7 access to like-minded people who are on your exact same journey, experienced coaches who can answer your questions, and a group that offers unlimited support and accountability to ensure your success! 

  • There is no reason to start a “diet” completely alone, feel isolated, get frustrated, and get stuck!   

  • Our community is here to help you, give you a shoulder to lean on, and we know exactly how you feel and what to do if you ever feel stuck. 

  • You need to share your success, your struggles, communicate and interact daily, and get all of your questions answered. 


      Action Plan


  • Most courses and programs just start with an action plan, but skip the education, and do not offer you an amazing community for support! 

  • This is far different than a meal plan.  You will receive a step by step plan for you to TRANSITION from where you are at now to where you need to be to achieve life changing results.  

  • You don’t have to to go cold turkey and make drastic diet and lifestyle changes that are not sustainable and will be too overwhelming. You will go at your pace!  

I am going to completely shift your entire paradigm about nutrition, make you forget everything that you thought that you knew, and change your life forever!  Getting the results that you deserve, and changing your life forever, is easier than you may think…. But the answers are not what you think!  

  • It is not about counting calories  

  • There is no such thing as a mutually agreed upon “healthy diet”  

  • “Eating clean” means nothing and your diet probably sucks if you say this 

  • Portion control is probably not your problem 

  • You need to understand food quality and not focus on food quantity (A.K.A. counting things) 

  • Sugar cravings are not normal and can be completely halted  

  • Healthy people don’t need energy drinks to get through a day 

  • Dietary fat does not make you fat 

  • Gluten free does not mean it is a health food 

  • Sugar free could be killing your results 

  • Low fat is definitely not the answer 


The following areas will be covered and addressed in detail: 

  • Nutrition 

  • Nutritional Supplementation 

  • Movement  

  • Gut Health  

  • Hormones 

  • Controlling Inflammation  

  • Sleep  

  • Stress 

  • Toxicity  

  • Emotional Factors 

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